General services of UNIVERS

UNIVERS' business solution

UNIVERS’ business solution

We have various departments such as planning and development, sewing and distribution to totally support customers in resolving their concerns, from many different angles. Each department certainly has the know-how to achieve that.


We will propose and produce a new lifestyle

Grasping the market trend and customer needs, we will create our products and shops so that we can gain customers’ trust based on achievements.

We will propose and produce a new lifestyle

Product development
UNIVERS production starts by listening sincerely to customer needs.
Expert staff do research into people’s lifestyle, design, trends and market characteristics, enabling us to develop and offer products which are suitable for fashionability, usability and pricing policy.
Nationwide network
UNIVERS’ business activities are always based on “customer first” policy.We can support nationwide customers by using our network that spreads from Hokkaido to Kyushu. We also pursue customer satisfaction not only by selling products simply but by putting conversation with customers first.
Proposals at shops
UNIVERS can back up customers by polite and attentive services ranging from offering information about the well-selling line and marketing activities, to analyzing locality and customer structure, and pricing policy.
With our effective product line and display, we also promote our products and offer our attractive shops, which are the front line.


Highest levels of order picking capacity in the industry

In the warehouses of about 39,700㎡ storage areas, order pickings of 50,000 articles per day are capable at maximum.

Nationwide network
We deploy our logistics centers in regional key locations, from which our transportation division or other route trucks ship precisely to all over the country. Following shipment and arrival information thoroughly, joint and high frequency delivery can be done.
Up-to-date logistics system
We use a distribution system operated by IT devices to speedily provide high levels of services from arrival to storage and shipment. With the system suitable for any type of orders such as WEB and EOS, we will make our business more effective and accurate, focusing on improving inventory control and logistics quality.

Transportation of products (Sinco Transportation Co., Ltd.)

Trucks with a Sinco trademark run through the entire country. We introduce an original system into our distribution department to send our items certainly and speedily. This is a reliable network that can promise our customers secure delivery.


Production capacity of 17,000 sheets per day, equivalent to 46,000㎡(※1)

That area is the same as that of Tokyo Dome stadium.(※2)
※1: When one product is 100*178 cm   ※2: The area of the stadium is 46,755㎡

The company combines advanced sewing technologies with cutting-edge facilities that correspond to customer needs, which makes us able to offer our products securely.
We only ship products that have passed the quality checks by our standards.
Introduction of shape-memory and crease-resistance processing machines
Nowadays when beautiful drapes are popular, we make products in the best-matched way for the characteristics of each curtain.
Safety management
Curtains are indispensable for daily life. So we do hope that our curtains are used safely and without any inconvenience. UNIVERS installs a needle detector in each factory for complete shipment inspection. Our mission is to provide safe products.
Response capabilities
To speedily supply our products of constant quality, we manage uniformly the production process from arrival of original fabric to shipment of goods by developing an original IT system, and focus on making our business effective and precise.