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Privacy Policy

About handling of personal information

UNIVERS Co., Ltd.(hereafter the company), to comply with the Code and other laws and regulations regarding personal information, personal information is properly handled as the following, and care is taken to endure the protection of important personal information of our customers.

1.About the use of personal information
The company collects and uses personal information from you for the following purposes.
Note that if there are any other purposes specially set in a questionnaire or in other pages of our Websites, those purposes will be included.

  • ①Announcing and providing our products, services, other types of information and so forth
  • ②Conducting or asking for an inquiry, questionnaire, or prize competition about our products, services or so forth
  • ③Providing information, product catalogs or samples
  • ④Announcing various kinds of events and sales promotion
  • ⑤Sending direct mails and e-mail magazines
  • ⑥Responding to your opinions, requests and questions
2.About the implementation of security measures
In order to administer personal information safely, the company takes necessary and appropriate steps to prevent any kinds of danger such as illegal access to personal information, and loss, damage, destruction, falsification, leakage of personal information.
3.About entrusting personal information to a third party
The company do not release or offer personal information to any third parties other than our truster consignor clients unless we have your permission; We, however, could release and provide personal information without your consent when required by applicable law or public institutions such as the court, the police and so on to release it, or when it is necessary for the protection of the safety or property of our users or the public.
4.About contacting us
Please contact the reception desk below when you request the disclosure, correction, deletion or suspension of use of your personal information. We will try to respond immediately to the rational extent permitted by the law after verifying your identity.

UNIVERS Co., Ltd. Custodianship Department
Tel. +81-76-237-2911
Hours of Business 8:30-17:00 (Monday-Friday)