A message from the Representative Director Chairman

Heading for manufacturing in the new era

Shuhei Yamada, Representative Director Chairman of UNIVERS
Since the foundation of our company, UNIVERS Co., Ltd., we have been providing interior fabrics which set the trend of the new era, always from customers’ perspective.
UNIVERS is focused on making safe and reassuring products to gain customers’ trust, marketing from various points of view by developing products with originality, and controlling quality management thoroughly.
Furthermore, UNIVERS is an integrated interior company which consistently deals with a wide range of business from product planning to manufacturing, sewing, distributing, and have adopted to environmental changes of the market and have strived for improving our customer services, which could create high added value. Our company will challenge with you, by helping create a new lifestyle and giving total customer services, to the limits of interior products.

Shuhei Yamada, Representative Director Chairman of UNIVERS Co., Ltd.